This Just In: Toddlers Are Better At Technology Than You

By Her Bad Mother on April 7, 2010

This is noteworthy? Really? That a two and a half year old can work an iPad? Have these people not seen a baby with an iPhone or iTouch? An iPad is like the super-sized, Pat The Bunny board book version of an iPhone. It's huge. Of course a toddler can use it. A toddler could teach you to use it.


Consider the evidence: a two and half year old using an iPad:

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One and a half year old using an iPhone:

This guy can play multiple games, select songs on the iPod (Bowie, Glee covers of Van Halen and Journey), find his favorite videos on YouTube (Pamplemousse, the E*Trade babies) and navigate the Backyard Birdwatcher app (he likes robins). He hasn't quite figured out HootSuite, but give him time. He's only one and a half.

Any questions?

source: Gawker TV

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  1. katie | motherbumper says:

    Gemma actually taught me how I can delete and rearrange apps directly on the iTouch and she did that at age three. Their ability to figure it out makes it seem innate which means either we’ve been implanted with microchips that passed this knowledge onto them or Steve Jobs fathered all these kids.
    .-= katie | motherbumper´s last blog ..I’d tell you where I was registered but that seems gauche =-.

  2. mamatulip says:

    Yup. Oliver showed me how to take screen shots on my iTouch. He knows his way around that, his DS, the Wii and our home entertainment centre so well he could navigate them with his eyes closed. He probably has, in fact.

  3. Denise says:

    Not so shocking, I agree. And the cute little girl in the video did well with Dad’s prompting. My son knew how to use the Iphone at 2 thanks to my family. When I finally got an iPhone about 5 months ago, he pretty much showed me how to use it as I had never used one before. He is almost 3, and can open and use most apps (besides just the kid games), very handy though, I can be driving and ask him to open the map and get our location,or ask him to pull up a pic or video I like, or have him pull up the local weather and show me where the rainstorms are in comparison to us. Of course tots can use this technology in this age, and with everything being so instinctual in these products, every movement is second nature to them! We did encounter one drawback to the mapping app today with my son…I gave him an actual paper map of the area we were in and he was so frustrated that he could not find where we were because there was no “blue dot”!