Senor Caca Is Not On Our Reading List

By katie on March 30, 2010

Sometimes I read an article and think that it cannot be possibly true. Someone, I tell myself, must be pulling the Internet's leg because something this ridiculous cannot exist. Take, for instance, this post on creepy children's books. I had to verify that some of these texts are actual published works,  and much to my horror, they are. Now I'm officially terrified of children's book authors along with clowns, and Ann Coulter.

Like this book on conjoined twins. Granted tackling sensitive topics — like race and disabilities — is awesome and totally necessary but are conjoined twins such a regular occurrence that we need a juvenile-oriented resource to aid in our children understanding that what counts is inside the person, I mean persons?

(For the record, when I checked Amazon for this title, the section called 'Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought' included the vampire horror movie 'Let The Right One In'. Just sayin'.)

betta fish types

And who thought a coloring book of terrifying, life-scarring events is a really good idea? Maybe for counselors working with actual victims of trauma, but for the general public? Remember to stay in the lines when tackling the Twin Towers, kids, and don't skimp on the Burnt Sienna.

Hmm… why does little Billy keep having nightmares about the planes coming to get him?

But it's Senor Caca that really frightens me. Yes, yes, we do need to talk about bodily functions and reassure our children that laying pipe is something we all do BUT do we really need to animate poo? Isn't that South Park's job? Plus, why does Mister Poop (Senor Caca) wear a beret with plaid pants on his long journey in what I assume is your bowel? Wouldn't a wet suit be more appropriate? And why is the word 'yum' on the cover?

This Bad Mom's mind is officially boggled.


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